Student Education

Student Education

Examples of programs that are offered include:

  1. Accordion for Kids, USA Program, an after school activity for 8-12 year olds
  2.  individual and group accordion lessons
  3.  the opportunity to participate in duets, ensembles and bands

Examples of materials provided for these programs include:

  1. Accordion instrument for use in the Accordion for Kids, USA Program
  2. Music books, music stand
  3. Certificates of program completion

Benefits for Participation in the Accordion Renaissance Programs:

            Students are active participants in their own learning rather than passive observers

            Students learn sight reading, listening skills, self-discipline and creativity

            Students develop a broader perspective of music as an active art

            Students acquire life-long learning skills through active participation

  • Learn to connect with the audience and be a musician first and learn from your peers
  • Attend accordion competitions for prizes that promote learning
  • Learn that there are lifelong rewards for learning to play an instrument
  • Formulate Guidelines for Musicians by teaching the basics of musicianship, for example: how to advertise, how to dress for the gig, successful gig marketing and presentation, preparing for gigs, keeping a logbook of performances, learning to play for a specific audience, writing courtesy thank-you notes, playing for free-fun-or money, confirming performance dates, bringing appropriate equipment (chair, amps, music stand, music, etc), how to play for a vocalist, how to play with other performers, rules for playing in an orchestra, making a playlist, understanding financial and legal issues regarding the music business, among other ideas.

Easy Start Accordion Book