Accordion Renaissance

A Virginia non-profit charity foundation which promotes the accordion by offering education, training and performance opportunities.

The Accordion Renaissance Ensemble at the Yorktown Fourth of July Parade

Independence Day In the Yorktown Parade

It was a GRAND OL’ Day for a Yorktown parade!  Members of the Accordion Renaissance Ensemble and Banjo Jack gleefully strutted their patriotic tunes with pride.  We thank Miles and Ruth for joining us with humor and open arms.  Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Benefits of Learning To Play the Accordion

Education, general academic improvement – Research has shown that people who learn music early in life achieve better academic results and learn to apply these skills to other aspects of their education.

Self-discipline, motivation and develops self-confidenceWhen a child masters a new skill, their confidence increases while their self-discipline and motivation is enhanced.

Concentration and creativity – Through music education the ability to concentrate increases creating improved memory skills. The versatility of the accordion instrument for many music styles lends itself to improvisation.

Being a part of a teamThe accordion is a versatile and portable instrument whose features are easily included in ensembles, bands and orchestras. Being part of a musical group offers the student a lifetime of enjoyment as they have opportunities to link with their community.

Accordion Renaissance offers special programs and support to (including accordions for students!)  students, parents. teachers, and the local community . We accept donated accordions in support of our programs. Contact for information on any of our programs. 


Williamsburg Area Arts Commission

Our 17 March 2019 concert was made possible by funds provided by the Williamsburg Area Arts Commission