Accordion Renaissance

A Virginia non-profit charity foundation which promotes the accordion by offering education, training and performance opportunities.

Why the accordion?

Let’s examine some of the characteristics of the piano accordion. This instrument is known as a vertical keyboard. The right hand is laid out like a piano keyboard, so a piano player could play it, while the left hand has an array of buttons which can play bass notes, chords and rhythm.

As a solo instrument, the accordion is complete in its musical capabilities. It is easily included into bands, ensembles and orchestras.

The accordion is not limited to any specific genre or style of music.

With the emerging digital V-accordions, it is now possible to play a variety of instrumental and orchestral sounds, as well as percussions, thus raising the versatility of the instrument.

Benefits of learning to play the accordion

Education, general academic improvement – Research has shown that people who learn music early in life achieve better academic results and learn to apply these skills to other aspects of their education.

Self-discipline, motivation and develops self-confidence – When a child masters a new skill, their confidence increases while their self-discipline and motivation is enhanced.

Concentration and creativity – Through music education the ability to concentrate increases creating improved memory skills. The versatility of the accordion instrument for many music styles lends itself to improvisation.

Being a part of a team – The accordion is a versatile and portable instrument whose features are easily included in ensembles, bands and orchestras. Being part of a musical group offers the student a lifetime of enjoyment as they have opportunities to link with their community.

Accordion Renaissance offers special programs and support, to include accordions for the following audiences. We accept donated accordions in support of our programs. Contact for information on any of the programs listed below.

For Students and Parents

  • Provide an introductory accordion program Accordion for Kids, USA for 8-12 year olds, which develops awareness and identifies interest in playing the accordion. For more information contact
  • Develop musical performance and composition skills of young accordionists age 7-25
  • Sponsor participant competitions and Outreach events and performance opportunities
  • Provide financial assistance to participants in support of Outreach events that are beneficial to the goals of Accordion Renaissance
  • Provide accordion repair training

For Teachers

  • Offer advice on selecting materials, music books and instruction methodology as deemed appropriate to students of varying abilities.
  • Conduct ongoing professional development training to promote best teaching practices.
  • Give access to a substantial library of printed and digital music, books, CDs, DVDs
  • Provide workshops as a vehicle for exchange of ideas and best practices of musical instruction for the accordion
  • Offer teacher training to integrate the accordion into existing primary school music programs

For the Community

  • Facilitate Outreach by providing programs which offer the educational and entertainment value of playing the accordion for lifelong learning and enjoyment
  • Conduct programs to introduce the accordion to primary and secondary public and private schools
  • Provide opportunities for local volunteers and enthusiasts to participate
  • Present public concerts to entertain and showcase the achievements of our youth program as well as the successes of the Accordion Renaissance projects
  • Offer lectures, demonstrations, hands on participation workshops to public and private organizations to include music clubs, art associations, businesses, civilian and military community groups