Accordion Renaissance is active in working with public and private organizations, such as schools, music clubs, as well as parents and students, who would gain appreciation for the accordion by learning about its history, development, functioning capabilities and musical diversity. In addition, our goal is to increase the number of youth playing accordion. We are especially focused on the important the parents/caregivers play in the success of their child with musical endeavors.

Education is offered to students, teachers, and audiences through creative special events such as programs that deliver hands-on accordion training. Another goal is to remove old stereotypes that view the accordion solely as an ethnic or folk instrument. Today the accordion is seen and heard in contemporary pop styles, classical, jazz as well as light classical repertoire and is routinely incorporated into advertisements. The accordion is now integrated into traditional music styles all over the world.

Accordion Renaissance delivers education programs for students and parents, teachers and the community.

Student Education

Examples of programs that are offered include:

  1. Accordion for Kids, USA Program, an after school activity for 8-12 year olds
  2.  individual and group accordion lessons
  3.  the opportunity to participate in duets, ensembles and bands

Examples of materials provided for these programs include:

  1. Accordion instrument for use in the Accordion for Kids, USA Program
  2. Music books, music stand
  3. Certificates of program completion

Benefits for Participation in the Accordion Renaissance Programs:

            Students are active participants in their own learning rather than passive observers

            Students learn sight reading, listening skills, self-discipline and creativity

            Students develop a broader perspective of music as an active art

            Students acquire life-long learning skills through active participation

  • Learn to connect with the audience and be a musician first and learn from your peers
  • Attend accordion competitions for prizes that promote learning
  • Learn that there are lifelong rewards for learning to play an instrument
  • Formulate Guidelines for Musicians by teaching the basics of musicianship, for example: how to advertise, how to dress for the gig, successful gig marketing and presentation, preparing for gigs, keeping a logbook of performances, learning to play for a specific audience, writing courtesy thank-you notes, playing for free-fun-or money, confirming performance dates, bringing appropriate equipment (chair, amps, music stand, music, etc), how to play for a vocalist, how to play with other performers, rules for playing in an orchestra, making a playlist, understanding financial and legal issues regarding the music business, among other ideas.

Teacher Education

  • Look at different target age groups, youth and adults, and use differentiated teaching techniques
  • Connect students with other students who play the accordion through ensemble training or other opportunities
  • Make learning fun for the student and the audience
  • Foster excellence in learning with positive criticism, and understand each student’s learning styles and abilities
  • Teach confidence building skills and how to overcome fears and anxiety of performing
  • Use technology to enhance learning and improve performance
  • Teach experienced students about the business of music ( financial and legal)
  • Provide concert performance opportunities to show parents and others the successes
  • Teach “do-it-yourself” accordion maintenance and when to know not to “do-it-yourself”
  • Be a role model for students as well as an excellent teacher

Public Education Basics

  • Demonstrate the versatility of the accordion
  • Provide concerts and programs to showcase results from accordion students
  • Define role of Accordion Renaissance and provide Outreach to groups to demonstrate the value of accordion music, training and performance
  • Educate the public on the need for financial support for Accordion Renaissance projects that benefit local youth programs
  • Provide programs that showcase success for all age groups
  • Link with local and regional arts projects, programs, and special events to feature the accordion as an instrument for inclusion
  • Link with community and state-wide agencies to promote the goals of Accordion Renaissance